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How should a novice operate a vending machine? Exclusive tip: Great Location

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The most important thing about vending machines is 2 points: what to sell and where to sell! The fundamental nature of automatic and physical stores is the same, that is, they are all retail points of offline terminals, and the difference is only the presence or absence of personnel on duty and the size. Since it is an offline terminal retail point, it is very important to choose the scene location. Just like opening a store, where you choose to place the machine will be consumed by people, and you will definitely not be able to place it in a place with sparse traffic! The location selection must meet at least certain conditions, either the location has a large traffic flow (such as railway stations, subway stations, airports and other transportation hub locations), or the density of effective customer groups is high and the location is relatively closed (such as factories, industrial parks, schools, etc. personnel). There are many places that are not open to the outside world), if these two points are not satisfied, then the profit point will hang. Of course, all this is just a macro idea, and the influencing factors are: operating costs, tax rates, etc.

1. First choose what to sell

According to your actual business considerations, if you are a snack wholesaler, or an adult product operator, then there is no doubt that you will choose your own advantageous industry.

If you want to earn income steadily, the most stable way is to sell fast-moving consumer goods, such as snacks, soft drinks, cola, etc. If you have a good local purchase channel, you can reduce your cost. I highly recommend you to sell such products.

The second is to sell products with higher profits, such as lipsticks, cosmetics, adult products, etc. Although the sales of goods are not as good as those of fast-moving consumer goods such as snacks and beverages, the single profit is relatively high, and it is also good to choose a good delivery point.

2. Choose a good delivery location.

If you are selling fast-moving consumer goods, if you can negotiate with the local administrator, you should choose a place with high traffic (such as train stations, subway stations, airports and other transportation hubs), the larger the traffic, the better.

If you sell a single product with high profit, it requires you to know the needs of the crowd at the place. For example, if you want to put cosmetics, you should go to places with more women. If you want to put adult products, you should go to hotels and bars. More products are placed nearby, and this type of product requires you to consider the market comprehensively.


In my experience, you can go and install a machine at a military base close to where the soldiers work and use it mostly for monster energy drink sales and you’ll make money. As a soldier, I tell you, I know how well these machines do, you can ask your friends who are soldiers around you, and you will know how profitable these machines are.

How to choose a vending machine?

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