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Some suggestions for college students who want to start a business and make unmanned vending machines

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Today’s college students have special ideas, because they often share some experience in the production and operation of vending machines online, and some college students often come to inquire about how to start a business and do unmanned vending machines, and some even wrote “Vending Machine Students Entrepreneurship Plan”, the author will combine his own experience in producing and operating vending machines to give some suggestions, hoping to have some reference value for you.
1.starting a business as a vending machine is something worth trying for college students or office workers
It is said that unmanned vending machines are a good business, so why do so many people still fail to make money? In fact, in any industry, some people make money and some lose money. The key is how to operate.
As labor costs are getting higher and higher, the industry of unmanned vending machines is favored by many people. Among them, there are many college students and some office workers. For these people, based on my own experience and the clients I have served, I think it is a good opportunity.
Compared with some convenience stores and offline physical stores, vending machines are less risky to start a business, and the time is very flexible. You only need to invest less time and money to start.
Although unmanned vending machines are not profitable, the advantage is that they can be done for a long time.
2. starting a business as an unmanned vending machine has to be calculated.
We have to settle accounts for everything we do. This calculation includes how much we need to invest, including the one-time investment, such as the purchase of unmanned vending machine equipment, the money for the first purchase, and the rent of the venue. Of course, we can negotiate. Well, if we operate in a cooperative way, the money can be counted later. What are the monthly expenses, such as electricity bills, transportation costs, etc.
In addition, we have to calculate the profit, but after you decide the specific location of the unmanned vending machine, you will know what kind of people this place is, and what kind of goods are suitable for the vending machine to sell to meet the needs of others and solve other people’s problems. . For example, schools are suitable for selling drinks, snacks, instant noodles, and some daily necessities. In places like hospitals, in addition to selling drinks and snacks, there are many other products, such as kettles, slippers, washbasins, milk powder, etc.
We need to budget how many items we sell and how much profit we will have, and at least have a general data, so that we can know what to expect. There will be no psychological ups and downs, and it will be better to continue to operate. Everything takes time to accumulate.
3. start with low-cost trial and error without industry experience
For college students and office workers who have no experience in operating vending machines. It is a better choice to use trial and error at the least cost. Don’t listen to many people saying that the machine should be noble, the door opening cabinet is more advanced, and the spring machine is relatively backward.
There are many types of vending machines, and different types of unmanned vending machines have different application scenarios. And the vending machine is just a tool to help us stock, sell, and collect money. When we choose a machine, as long as we can meet these needs, we can try it with the least investment first, and then accumulate experience and earn money. It’s not too late to expand when the money comes.
Now a small machine is only 34,000 yuan, which is equivalent to the money of a general mobile phone. Whether it is for college students or office workers, it can be tried.
4. this is the key factor that determines whether unmanned vending machines can make money
The important factor that determines whether the unmanned vending machine can make money, how much money it can make, and how long it can make money is the location, the location is the most important, how to choose a good location, one is to find a large flow of people, High-quality points, this requires some resources, on the other hand, we can expand and find ways in some vertical fields, such as the fishing bait vending machine and travel goods vending machine that I have shared before.

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