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The operation of beverage vending machines talk about the safety of vending machines

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Vending machines have developed very rapidly in recent years, especially beverage and snack vending machines. We can see them everywhere on the street, hospitals, scenic spots, work, and schools. Although there are already many vending machines, But it is far from reaching saturation. There are many friends who don’t know who are worried about the safety of vending machines. Next, let’s talk about the safety of vending machines.
Safety of beverage vending machines
Are vending machines safe? Will it be smashed?
Before the popularity of mobile payment, many beverage vending machines used coin-operated methods to pay for purchases. At that time, because there was cash in the vending machine, there were still some people who destroyed the vending machine.
In the era of mobile payment, there are only drinks and snacks on the vending machine, and the contents of the whole machine are not worth much, and basically no one does this kind of thing.
Another situation is that if someone else buys something from your vending machine, the money is paid and it is not shipped, or if there is a problem with the product and no one can solve it, it may happen that someone destroys the vending machine, and someone encounters some drinks. The example of drunken destroying the machine, but this is very rare, and now there are surveillance everywhere, this kind of problem has long been solved.
In general, vending machines are relatively safe now.
Safety of beverage vending machines
Do I need to install a camera on the vending machine?
This is a thing that many friends are more concerned about. The camera should be determined according to the actual placement of your vending machine and what type of goods are sold.
For example, if your vending machine is placed outdoors, such as a scenic spot, and there are not too many ordinary people, and there is no public surveillance, then it is necessary to install a camera.
If your sales are to be placed indoors, such as an office, and you sell some drinks, snacks, etc., then you can choose not to install cameras.
Although you are putting it in a public place, but if you are selling more expensive products, you should install a camera. For example, a customer uses a vending machine to sell wine. Each bottle is hundreds or thousands. It is definitely more reassuring to install a camera.
There are a few more details to be aware of when it comes to installing the camera.
Now the pixels of the camera are relatively high, so there is no need to worry too much in this regard.
The important thing is whether the camera can be monitored in real time. If your camera needs to be monitored in real time, then your camera needs to be connected to the Internet. You can choose to use wifi, wired network, or network card to achieve it.
If you don’t need real-time monitoring, then you can consider installing a memory card directly on the camera.
Although cameras are installed, most vending machine systems and cameras are now separate. That is to say, the camera uses the network alone, and you can directly install an app or software on your mobile phone or computer to view it. If you want to connect the camera to your vending machine, then you need to custom develop or find a vending machine background system that integrates this function.
Safety of beverage vending machines
A special reminder about the safety of beverage vending machines
What if I lose my vending machine key while operating the vending machine?
Safety of beverage vending machines
Beverage vending machines (common to other types of vending machines) for safety, even if the locks and keys from the same manufacturer are not open, each lock and key are corresponding, we can see the There will be a number code on the key, this is for distinction and security
How to avoid losing the keys, the most important thing is to keep the keys by yourself, and the other is to keep the keys separately. Under normal circumstances, a vending machine will have 2 to 3 keys. To avoid loss, you must keep them separately.
What should I do if the key is lost during use?
1) Contact the vending machine manufacturer and ask them to send you a new set of locks and keys.
2) Please ask a local lock-picking company or individual to help you take out the original lock by blasting it out, which is basically unusable.
3) Replace the new lock.
In general, the safety of current vending machines is still guaranteed, unless someone violently destroys them. If you happen to have some resources, you can consider putting in vending machines, because the cost of vending machines has been reduced, and whether it is a main business or a side business, there are still good opportunities in the long run.

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