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What do vending machines sell?

2022-06-17 Page view : 10 views

What do unmanned vending machines sell? As a manager with rich experience in the unmanned vending machine industry, I have a few that can help you quickly find profitable products for your vending machine.
A friend talked to me about this yesterday. He now has the opportunity to put a vending machine in a large playground, but he has been troubled by not knowing what to sell. Although many people are optimistic about the beverage vending machine, a popular fast-selling product, he does not want to do the same thing as everyone. Through the communication with him and the specific understanding of the place where the vending machine is placed, I gave him some suggestions. The playground where he is located is a tourist city, and there are many tourists from other places. You can consider selling local souvenirs. The profit is big and not competitive.

What do vending machines sell?

What is a good judgment standard for what vending machines sell?
We put in any type of vending machine, and making money is one of the more important options. And vending machines want to make money, they must sell as much as possible, and the profit is even higher. Among them, the goods sold by the vending machine become very important. How to choose this product? Here are 2 suggestions for you!
1. Vending machine placement and competition analysis
When we put a vending machine to choose a point, we need to analyze the competition around this point. For example, if you want to put a beverage vending machine, then you not only need to check whether there are other brand vending machines nearby, but also need to know the nearest canteen and how far the supermarket is. If you feel that you have no advantage, you can refrain from placing it, or adjust the products you sell.
The crowd near the vending machine location is also very important. Whether there are many young people or elderly people nearby, whether it is a floating population or a large number of resident fixed populations, we need to find out when we inspect the location. This is the premise of solving the problem of what vending machines sell.

What do vending machines sell?
2. Use the big data of vending machines for analysis and adjustment
One of the advantages of unmanned vending machines is that every transaction of the customer has a detailed record. By analyzing the data in the middle, we can find a lot of useful information that can help me sell more and better.
For example, we can analyze the data to derive which products are selling well, and then we can adjust the products sold by the vending machine and remove the products that are not selling well. More products that sell well, or similar products.

What do vending machines sell?
By analyzing the time of the goods sold, we can count the vending machines at that point and when is the best time to replenish. We can summarize some regularities through changes in sales data. For example, if there is an activity at a certain point recently, then the sales volume will definitely increase, so it becomes very important to prepare the stock.
What do vending machines sell? There is a lot of this that needs to be continuously summarized in the operation, and another way is to communicate more with people who have actual operation experience. If you are interested in vending machines, you can communicate with us!

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